Self-Catering Holiday Gite Accommodation South Brittany France

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Bienvenue à La Belle Vilaine
Self-catering, holiday cottages on the South Brittany/Loire Atlantique border in France.
Friendly family run gite accommodation where dogs are welcome.

Garden Nature Photographs
A portfolio of some nature images taken in the garden at La Belle Vilaine, South Brittany.
Many more photos available throughout our Nature Notes Archives - Click here

European Tree Frog

Found by visitors to our gîte on 13th July, 2007. This small frog was near the pond at the Fontaine de St. Cry - again walking distance from home. They also found a Fire Salamander in the well!!!

Wildlife holidays Brittany France
Birdwatching holidays in Brittany
Female Red-backed Shrike

The fact that we found a pair would suggest that they will have bred in the area.
Male Red-backed Shrike

Photographed by the River Vilaine on 13 July, 2007. This spot is within easy walking distance from home.
Birdwatching breaks - Morbihan, Brittany
Nature - Morbihan Brittany
Essex Skipper

A rare butterfly, which our current (July 07) gite guests kindly identified for us. This was taken in the woods near to our home.
Oil Beetle

Impressive yet harmless, this large beetle was found by our intrepid guests not far from our home. I think you need to know where to look!
Wildlife holidays - Morbihan
Wildife holidays  Morbihan
Marsh Frog

This fellow was found and photographed by our guests at the nearby pic-nic and boules area. He and his friends were happily serenading from the large pond. He could be a hybrid with the Edible Frog (of Frogs Legs fame!).
Female Purple Hairstreak

Warming up in the sunshine.
Nature in  Morbihan, France
Wildife holidays gites south Brittany
Purple Hairstreak

This photo was taken in our garden by one of our guests in early July, 2007. This family of wildlife enthusiasts managed to clock-up at least one new species per day.
White Admiral

We were very pleased to get this photo of a fairly rare species. Taken about a mile from our home in Brittany (11.07.06)
Wildlife holidays in South Brittany France
Birdwatching breaks  Morbihan, Brittany


Marbled White

A common species here at Gites South Brittany

Wildife holidays  Brittany
Wildlife holidays  Brittany
Queen of Spain Fritillary

Fritillary butterflies are fairly difficult to identify - we took this photo and then consulted the books once back home to be sure!
Beautiful Demoiselle

This mature male was photographed about a mile from our home in southern Brittany (11.07.06)
Wildlife breaks South Brittany France
Nature in South Brittany
Beautiful Demoiselle

This was one of about 10 immature males that we saw near the pond at La Fontaine De St. Cry (11.07.06)
Camberwell Beauty (Morio)

This large butterfly has visited our garden in the past - this was taken nearby at a local beauty spot, obviously a "Camberwell Beauty spot"!!

Wildlife breaks - Brittany
Wildlife breaks - Brittany
Map Butterfly (Carte Géographique)

First ever sighting of this exciting butterfly.Taken on 10th July in our garden at Gites South Brittany This is the second generation - I have still to find the earlier "version"!

Map Butterfly

A view of the underwing, which gives it its name. Taken in our garden in Brittany on 10th July, 2006
Nature gites south Brittany
Wildlife at gites south brittany
Silver-washed Fritillary

A huge, brightly-coloured butterfly. This photo, taken in our garden (10.07.06) shows the under-wing.
Silver-washed Fritillary

The same butterfly viewed from above.
Birdwatching holidays Brittany France
Large Skipper

Taken on the same day, again in the garden here at Gites South Brittany.
Nature in Morbihan
Wildlife breaks in Brittany

A view from above (10.07.06)

This shot clearly shows the white mark on the underwing which gives this butterfly its name. (At this moment, the camera battery went flat!)
Wildlife holidays in South Brittany France
Common Stork's Bill, at La Belle Vilaine gîte

Common Stork's Bill
(Cranesbill family)

This delicate plant loses it's petales within a day of flowering. We found it growing abundantly in both our garden and in the comunal area.

Common Stork's Bill, South Brittany

Greater Celandine
(Poppy family)

Growing in the fosse at the back of both gîte gardens. It is not however
related to the Lesser Celandine a member of the Buttercup family.

Greater Celandine, near your gîte garden, France
Common Fumitory, La Belle Vilaine Holiday accomodation

Common Fumitory
(Fumitory famliy)

A small clump was found growing in the fosse of La Belle Vilaine 2 gîte.

Bienvenue à La Belle Vilaine
Self-catering, holiday cottages on the South Brittany/Loire Atlantique border in France. Friendly family run gite accommodation where dogs are welcome.

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